Oud Set

350 EGP

The best bundle for oily hair, for its ability to balance the hair’s natural oils

Oud set helps balance oil levels in an oily scalp.

Helps moisturize the skin and improve skin health and keep it from infections.

The bundle consists of 4 products: shampoo – leave-in –  conditioner – hair mask.

Reduces hair breakage and frizz.


Enjoy complete care for oily hair with the oud collection, specially made for oily hair


The benefits of oud set for oily hair

Balancing and neutralizing oil levels in oily hair and ensure the most beautiful scent for your hair and body with Oud

Reduces hair breakage that causes frizz

It improves the health of the skin and keeps it from infections.

Helps moisturize the skin.

100% natural ingredients


Steps to use the complete routine to get the best result


1- shampoo: Helps deeply clean the scalp and protect it from breakage.

2- conditioner: It helps deeply moisturize the hair and provides it with full shine and protection.

3-Leave-in: Used after washing hair, it helps protect hair from breakage due to humidity, gives hair high hydration, and fixes the scent of oud in hair for a long time.

4- Hair mask: It deeply moisturizes and protects hair from damage, as well as significantly reducing frizz.

Apply an appropriate amount to clean, wet hair and leave for 10-15 minutes.

Order the bandal now and enjoy healthy and natural hair


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